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Strategic Plan

Our Future is On Track Metrolink

Metrolink's Strategic Plan outlines the agency's Mission, Vision and Values to ensure continuous improvement and growth.

Approved by the Board of Directors in March of 2016, the plan includes action plans and goals to keep the agency "on track" as it serves the Southern California region.

Strategic Plan Summary: Back to Basics

The SCRRA Strategic Plan was prepared over an 18-month period by Southern California Regional Rail Authority (SCRRA) and consultant staff at the request of the Board of Directors.

The Strategic Plan is a tool that will assist the Board in creating funding priorities and establishing a road map for SCRRA and its funding partners. The plan provides goals and a vision, identified through collaboration, for which SCRRA, its members, and its contractors can all work together to achieve.

Guiding Principles

The Guiding Principles as approved by the Board of Directors emphasize:

  1. CUSTOMER VALUE focuses on the "value proposition" for riders and what they are getting in return for their fare.
  2. FOCUS AND DISCIPLINE refers to SCRRA’s ability to "Focus" on managing the growth in the operating costs and Member Agency subsidies, along with aging capital, new investments, and project delivery.
  3. CONNECTIVITY is how the Metrolink system fits into the regional transportation framework and connects land use and development.
  4. COLLABORATION is key to SCRRA’s role as a Joint Powers Authority and is vital to implementing the Strategic Plan vision.
  5. TRANSPARENCY is how SCRRA presents information to its Member Agencies and the public, increasing trust between all stakeholders.


The MISSION of SCRRA, as proposed by the Board of Directors and refined with input from SCRRA staff is:

To provide safe, efficient, dependable, and on-time transportation service that offers outstanding customer experience, and enhances quality of life.


The VISION for Metrolink is:

To be Southern California’s preferred transportation system built upon safety, reliability, customer service, leading-edge technology, and seamless connectivity.

SCRRA Values


  • SAFETY: Safety is foundational.
  • PEOPLE: Everything we do demonstrates an appreciation for quality of life, and every act values the lives of our employees, contractor co-workers, customers, and communities.
  • QUALITY: We operate on best practices and principles with a continued focus on providing high-quality service to our customers every day on every ride.
  • EFFICIENCY: As responsible stewards of public funds, we embrace innovative solutions and continuous improvement for the lowest cost and most efficient operations.
  • GROWTH: We continuously seek creative, progressive, and collaborative solutions to promote investment, develop partnerships, and increase capacity to improve the mobility of Southern Californians.

Read and Download

PDF Download 10-Year Strategic Plan (4.7 MB)

PDF Download 10-Year Strategic Plan - Technical Appendix (24.5 MB)

PDF Download 5-Year Short-Range Transit Plan (4.0 MB)